Cyber Security

CloudJacket is a bullet-proof security strategy that deploys sophisticated, patented technology across the full spectrum of security vulnerabilities. This high-performance, high-intelligence solution has proven, consistently and repeatedly, its ability to detect the new unknown threats, and eliminate them.

SECNAP Network Security, creator of CloudJacket, excels in providing next-generation information technology solutions that enable business to be conducted securely and privately on the Internet. Our technologies are significantly ahead of the industry in intelligence, performance, and ease of deployment—effectively detecting, analyzing and preventing cyber threats as they develop. The level at which these solutions perform has eliminated the zero-day threat for SECNAP clients.

Automatically blocks certain attack sets based on severity, source, and sender profile/reputation. Extrusion prevention blocks company data loss/leakage. SECNAP engineers investigate and block other internal and external threats. No single point of failure – automatic hardware bypass maintains Internet connection Detects And Identifies More Threats Tests against more than 15,000 active rules – one of the largest databases in the industry. Powerful combination of signature-based, general public licensed, Snort licensed, and SECNAP custom rules. Enables detection of threats and attacks, as well as identification of attackers, their profiles and patterns.

HIGHLY EFFICIENT, REAL-TIME ATTACK DETECTION Patented Smart Alert Filter eliminates 98% of false positives generated by typical IDS solutions Logs and attack data stay local on device, preserving your bandwidth and protecting your privacy UNIQUE EDGE SENSORS FIND ATTACKERS EARLY Patented Edge Attack SensorTM network is deployed throughout the Internet in more than 50 countries. Monitors DSL/Cable/Home Modem attack activity, where many hackers beta-test their exploits. Enables early warning of new trends and new attack vectors –reducing Zero Day attacks. Also identifies generalized vs. targeted attacks MAXIMUM OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY CloudJacket has no external IP address – hackers don’t see it Helps remove threats from Internet by reporting alerts to ISPs automatically...

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• T1 and bonded T1
• Metro Ethernet
• MPLS( Multiprotocol Label Switching)
• Wi-max
• Cable


Solution Business Experts can assist you with every step of a new telecommunications systems purchase and installation. We will develop a needs assessment, scope of work, and project requirements for completing the job. We will coordinate the many vendors in order to effectively manage your project. Our experience in vendor selection will ensure the outcome meets your initial and long term needs. Our solutions include:

  • Voice
  • Cloud PBX
  • SIP Trunking
  • Unified Communications
  • Virtual Number
  • BroadSoft Technology
  • Voice and video conferencing

Cloud Services

Cloud Server. Vendors/Carriers Services process. Solution Business Experts will coordinate all vendors (carriers) and client staff to disconnect and install services as agreed upon to ensure the completion of the project in a timely manner. We follow the process all the way to completion. Carriers may varied depending on the location where service is required.

Web Design and Development

Whether you are looking to redesigning an existing site or creating a new website we can help you to create a powerful, strategic and beautiful website. We work with passion using the latest technology.

We have an extensive line of managed Internet strategies, consultation, and solutions that are custom-tailored specifically to meet your need.

  • Web Design & Development
  • Applications
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Writing, Content Development and Editing
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Maintenance
  • And much more!
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