Cyber Security

The Future Of Cyber security is Here, The Time Is Now. Unprecedented Approach To Security Advanced Intrusion Prevention Our Latest Technology Ensures A Secure Network.

CloudJacket is a bullet-proof security strategy that deploys sophisticated, patented technology across the full spectrum of security vulnerabilities. This high-performance, high-intelligence solution has proven, consistently and repeatedly, its ability to detect the new unknown threats, and eliminate them.

SECNAP Network Security, creator of CloudJacket, excels in providing next-generation information technology solutions that enable business to be conducted securely and privately on the Internet. Our technologies are significantly ahead of the industry in intelligence, performance, and ease of deployment—effectively detecting, analyzing and preventing cyber threats as they develop. The level at which these solutions perform has eliminated the zero-day threat for SECNAP clients.

Automatically blocks certain attack sets based on severity, source, and sender profile/reputation. Extrusion prevention blocks company data loss/leakage. SECNAP engineers investigate and block other internal and external threats. No single point of failure – automatic hardware bypass maintains Internet connection Detects And Identifies More Threats Tests against more than 15,000 active rules – one of the largest databases in the industry. Powerful combination of signature-based, general public licensed, Snort licensed, and SECNAP custom rules. Enables detection of threats and attacks, as well as identification of attackers, their profiles and patterns.

HIGHLY EFFICIENT, REAL-TIME ATTACK DETECTION Patented Smart Alert Filter eliminates 98% of false positives generated by typical IDS solutions Logs and attack data stay local on device, preserving your bandwidth and protecting your privacy UNIQUE EDGE SENSORS FIND ATTACKERS EARLY Patented Edge Attack SensorTM network is deployed throughout the Internet in more than 50 countries. Monitors DSL/Cable/Home Modem attack activity, where many hackers beta-test their exploits. Enables early warning of new trends and new attack vectors –reducing Zero Day attacks. Also identifies generalized vs. targeted attacks MAXIMUM OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY CloudJacket has no external IP address – hackers don’t see it Helps remove threats from Internet by reporting alerts to ISPs automatically.

Patented Technology

Only the SECNAP Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention solution integrates a patented Edge Attack Sensor Network and Smart Alert Filter, an extensive and robust database of rules and signatures, and an expert, experienced team of certified security engineers. The result is superior protection of your network and network devices from both external and internal threats.

Cloudjacket 360 Ips Appliance

The CloudJacket 360 Intrusion Prevention system lies at the heart of our layered network security solution, incorporating a host of powerful components to protect client network and information assets with exceptional effectiveness.

Worldwide Edge Attack Sensor Network

The patented SECNAP Edge Network integrates thousands of intelligent network security sensors that identify potential threats the instant they are launched at the edge of the Internet. This early warning system enables our security engineers to respond immediately, and virtually eliminates the nefarious zero-day attack.

Smart Alert Filter

This patented software enables us to provide you with precise attack prevention services at the lowest possible cost. The intelligent filter eliminates more than 98% of the false alarms generated by typical intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems, dramatically reducing the number of events our security team must investigate and resolve. Which makes them efficient and highly effective on a 24/7/365 basis.

Other Integrated Components

The CloudJacket device integrates a number of other modules to ensure the most effective protection you can buy--from a smart anomaly engine and powerful correlation engine to trend analysis and advanced signature matching. Plus other optional elements you may request as needed.

Expert Security Team

Just as we augment your existing network security infrastructure with state-of-the-art intrusion detection and intrusion prevention technologies, SECNAP also augments your own IT team with a full staff of some of the brightest network security engineers in the industry. SECNAP engineers have extensive hands-on experience combating complex network attacks and leveraging the very latest security technologies--so that our clients don't have to.

The Benefits Of Managed Network Security

Cybercrime is advancing at a record pace, and today’s enterprises face targeted, real-time attacks that are increasingly more sophisticated. As a result, IT professionals are highly sensitized to the importance of securing their infrastructure. For most, however, security is not their primary responsibility—and vigilance is often diluted in the mix of competing priorities. As an expert extension of your IT organization, SECNAP has your back 24/7/365 with vigilance that never rests.

Advanced Solutions Augmented By Expert Management

Appliances and software can detect and prevent most attacks successfully, but not alone. Expert, highly experienced professionals monitoring and managing the installed IDS/IPS systems are a vital component of high-level security solutions. Only by combining cutting-edge IDS/IPS technology with 24/7/365 expert monitoring and support can clients ensure truly effective protection from evolving security threats.

One of the most significant challenges to any IT department is to verify that security measures are working as intended, everywhere, all the time. A strong managed service partner is able to do much of the heavy lifting—becoming an extension of the client’s team and enabling client IT staff to be on top of security at all times. A good partnering strategy is delivered at much lower total cost of ownership than the alternative--which is to hire and manage three shifts of skilled security employees or outsource to inconvenient, insecure offshore centers.

Before you choose an IDS/IPS solution, consider these factors:

  • Requires staff to monitor activity—typically not a 24/7/365 operation when done in house, due to staffing constraints.
  • Requires ongoing training and daily education on emerging threats.
  • Requires trained back-up resources for absences, vacations, etc.
  • Requires staff of sufficient depth and breadth to react to temporary surges in false positives due to spikes in web activity or normal traffic fluctuations.
  • Requires purchase, updating and maintenance of in-house appliance (or lease).
  • Increases risk of expensive and embarrassing security breaches arising from:
    1. Routine problems going unnoticed; undetected worms and bots infecting PCs.
    2. Users leaking data, installing unauthorized applications, and inadvertently downloading malware.
    3. Outsiders probing to find ways around the unmanaged IDS/IPS.

Secnap Managed Service:

  • Provides 24/7/365 network monitoring by a team of certified, expert Security Engineers in redundant Secure Operations Centers (SOCs) in the U.S.
  • Leverages full redundancy, advanced technology, and extensive signatures/rules databases updated in real time.
  • Provides comprehensive, layered protection including:
    • Detection—to identify intrusions, and intruders, as attacks are attempted
    • Prevention—to keep intruders out of network and to prevent data leakage
    • Response—to proactively combat threats as they are occurring, and report new threats.
  • Expert customer technical support is always just a phone call or email away.
  • Provides access to detailed pre-defined and customizable reports via dashboard interface.
  • Simplifies budgeting with one annual subscription fee. (We can invoice semi-annually or quarterly if you prefer).
  • Includes management of properly-scaled appliance, deployment of patented technology, 24/7/365 network monitoring, and real-time updates.

Optimal Deployments

The evolution of security solutions has produced unprecedented flexibility for IT managers, who now may choose how much of the solution is hardware and/or software, and how much relies on the eyes, ears and brains of IT security professionals. In terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the optimum mix is a balanced one.

The SECNAP CloudJacket IPS appliance is the heart of our managed network security service. Following are two typical configurations, although these do not necessarily represent all optimal deployments.

The first diagram depicts a single IPS deployment, which provides intrusion prevention protection for all network elements, including servers, LAN user desktops and laptops, and WAN users in main facilities and remote locations. The CloudJacket IPS unit is configured inline between corporate firewall and switch.

This diagram depicts a hybrid IDS/IPS deployment, where client has established a DMZ. This configuration provides intrusion prevention protection for all network devices, with the additional benefit of an intrusion detection sensor for the DMZ.

Patented SECNAP CloudJacket technology enables superior detection and prevention to be delivered in a single device, managed by expert security engineers on a 24/7/365 basis--so that our clients don't have to do the heavy lifting associated with round-the-clock monitoring, alarm log review, and false positive investigation. It's a winning partnership, for everyone! To view a quick installation video, check out "Installing CloudJacket in 3 minutes"

World Wide Cyber Attack Map